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Skills Development Centre


The Skills Development Centre, was a programme designed and developed in 2016 to create a self-sufficient area, that would meet the educational needs of the children affected by the war in the Visuvamadu area. 


The computer centre became operational with 12 computers in 2015. Since then, 60 students have enrolled to study basic IT skills as this will help them gain employment.

Teaching is available for primary and secondary school students on subjects like Maths, English and Science. Tutoring is also made available for extracurricular activities such as music, dance and key board. IT related courses are very popular among secondary school children.

Courses targeting school leavers and youth to seek employment opportunities is also conducted at the SDC. AutoCAD, Graphic Design, MS office, Soft Skills for Employment, Cake icing and Beauty Services are some of the courses provided to the youth in this area. Several hundred students have benefitted from these courses. Some have used the training to start their own businesses whereas others have successfully employed elsewhere.

In order to provide educational access to children in a remote area, SDC has shared teaching resources to provide Maths, Science and English tutoring at Kuravaiyal school, located few kilometres from SDC. This effort has been well received by the parents of the students in this area.


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