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Many pre-schools are lacking to be the full educational environment it needs to be as there is no means to secure government funding.


Our aim was to bring education to these war-affected areas to help children out, and to allow parents time to get back to work, and support the family.


Child First (UK) stepped in and helped to fund two pre-schools. The initial pre-school to be funded was found as a damaged building in Tharmapuram, in Killinochchi district. It was later renovated to establish St. Luke's nursery in 2012, which focused on ensuring all the pupils had a strong foundation in the English language. Since 2012, more than a 100 students have enrolled in this nursery. In addition, the school building is also used by secondary school students during the evenings as an study area so that they can prepare for university entrance examinations. Many families around Tharmapuram area were the beneficiaries of this project..

The second pre-school was based in “Malligaitheevu”, whereby financial assistance was given to build and maintain a pre-school. This pre-school became operational in 2013. The building also serves as a community hall for local community functions. More than 100 children have enrolled in this pre-school since its restoration. Child first (UK) is committed to provide school uniforms, sports equipment and salaries for the teachers for the next couple of years.


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