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Since 2009

About Us


A better future for our younger generation in the north and east of Sri Lanka.


Child First (UK), a voluntary organisation that was established in 2008 and later registered as a charity in 2009. It's principle purpose is to serve the children of the North and East of Sri Lanka, who were affected by the civil war. With a vision of a better future for our younger generation, our charity embarked on a mission to provide a better education for the children of the North and East of Sri Lanka, with a view to create knowledgeable and talented future generations that will rise above the challenges of the tomorrow's world.

These were young children, still dependent on their parents and they had lost either one or both of their parents.  
Believing that providing them an education would be a stepping stone for them to eventually immerse in society, we began to sponsor their educational needs by partnering up with Centre for Child Development, a charity that runs in Sri Lanka. CFCD monitors the progress of the students and personally makes effort into knowing the status of each child. This programme is called the "Student Support Programme"

Since then, we have expanded our assistance into various other projects, which all feed back to supporting these individuals to grow into independent individuals.
Please feel free to browse our website, we welcome all your kind thoughts into making our children prosper.  


Our mission is to identify and implement education related projects that will translate our vision to meaningful benefits to the students. We firmly believe that the “Education is key to the prosperity of a society”. Therefore, we carefully select our projects to empower the younger generation through education to overcome the challenges of the ever-changing world. The execution and monitoring of these projects at the ground level are carried out by our partner Centre for Child Development (CFCD), who has a wealth of experience in managing the projects related to welfare of the children in the North and East of Sri Lanka.

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