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Winter Ball

In November 2019, Child First hosted our first-ever Winter Ball! This was one of our biggest events to plan and ended up being a huge success. From a three-course meal to singers and dance groups performing, and even a massive candy floss cloud provided by the amazing Bowtie Brothers, it really had it all! We had over 300 people in attendance in their best outfits and managed to raise a substantial £6,441.81, which went directly into funding an extra building as part of the Skill Development Centre due to the immense demand for educational services that we saw in 2019. Unfortunately, due to the Covid Pandemic, we were not able to host the ball again in the following years due to lockdown constraints. However, due to popular demand, we are happy to report that we will be hosting the Winter Ball again in 2023 to continue our efforts in leaving no child behind in gaining an education. Head over to the events page to buy your tickets now!

A Special Thanks to everyone who made this possible:



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